Wednesday, 15 November 2017


Boldings report    15-11-17.


Pellet and maggot on the 5 metre line combined to put Mick Jameson [PI Boldings] on the road to victory in the Monday open at Boldings Pools this week. Staked on peg 25 on the Sycamore, Mick established a 10lbs advantage by recording 88-11-0, which was made up with carp to 8lbs.

          Last week's winner Stephan Davies [Shrewsbury] filled second spot from peg 13 with a weight of 78-8-0. Steph had carp to 7lbs on maggot at 8 metres.



          Steve Owen [Monkhall] kept his extended run of success going by adding a winning double to his list. He also made it two Thursday wins on the trot by scaling 103-11-0 at Chestnut peg 30. Carp to 7lbs were the target fish, with maggot bait accounting for the catch.

          Eric Bancroft [PI Bold] fished close in on maggot at peg 31 to bag 8-6-3-0 of carp to 8lbs to fill the runner up spot. Third went to Paul Evans [PI Bold] whose 62-10-0 came from peg 23, and less than a pound behind him was Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] on 61-13-0 at peg 10.


          The second leg of the Owen double came on Saturday when the Chestnut Pool was in action again. This time Steve drew peg 2 and relied on maggot at 3 metres to draw in the fish. Carp to 7lbs obliged to provide a winning haul of 91-2-0.

          Last Saturdays winner Alun Jones [Wrexham] claimed second from peg 32 where he recorded 82-2-0, which put him ahead of Weston Pools pair Clive Wynn, who was third with 72-3-0 at peg 30, and Nathan Spain on 58-13-0 at peg 3.


          Maggot feeder secured a narrow win for Terry Edwards [Swan] on Sunday when the tactic put 59-6-0 of carp to 7lbs on the scales at Willows peg 9.

          Andy Kyte [Middle Severn Angling] had carp of a slightly smaller stamp, carp to 6lbs, on maggot in the side and at 10 metres, which left him just short of top spot on 59-0-0 at Willows 4. At Willows peg 17 Dave Doughty [PI Bold] netted 53-10-0 for third while an Oak Pool top score of 44-7-0 handed fourth to John Rouse [Telford].