Wednesday, 20 September 2017


Boldings report    20-9-17.


          Bob Tromans [PI Boldings] came out top in a close finish to the Monday open at Boldings Pools when he finished one fish better off than the runner up. Bob was on peg 7 on the Willows Pool and enticed carp to 7lbs and barbel to 4lbs by fishing pellet on the 5 metre line alternated with maggot in the margins, to end the match with figures of 85-8-0.

          On the other side of pool, at peg 16, Dave Olly [Salford AC] stuck to pellet on two lines, close in, and at 6metres, and he too netted a mix of carp and barbel, with samples to 6lbs and 3lbs returning 82-13-0. In third spot was Steve Owen [Monkhall] who weighed in 67-15-0 at peg 9. Tony Woolaston [Fatty's] was fourth with the best weight from the Beech Pool, 61-15-0.       


          The top two from Monday exchanged places on Wednesday when Dave Olly took over first at the expense of Bob Tromans.

          They also swapped sides on the Willows Pool, and Dave took his victory from peg 8, where pellet, fished across to the small peninsula resulted in 75-3-0 of carp and barbel slipping onto the scales.

          Bob was over on peg 19 and worked pellet at 8 metres and maggot down the sides for more carp and barbel, but smaller samples left him 10lbs short on 65-13-0. Pete Sawyer [Bronx] was only four ounces off second with his Sycamore Pool best of 65-9-0 at peg 16, and Tony Foster [PI Bold] was only another 5 ounces short on 65-4-0 at Sycamore 34.


          Dave Olly was in winning mode again on Thursday, this time on the Oak Pool, and with an increased margin over the rest. Pellet did the job again, accounting for carp to 6lbs, which came from the 5 metre line as well as the inside line, to give a total of 84-15-0 at peg 13.

          Dave Doughty [PI Bold] combined corn and pellet at peg 16 and found a better stamp of carp, fish to 7lbs, but not enough of them, which left him on 65-15-0. Graham Roberts [PI Bold] was a close third with his 64-12-0 at peg 29, which left Bolton AC visitor Paul Eckersall to pick up fourth for his 54-5-0 at peg 5.


                   Harry Colley [PI Bold] came up with the best weight of the week to easily win the Saturday open from peg 9 on the Chestnut. Pellet and meat brought carp to 8lbs into the margins, and Harry plundered 134-15-0 of them to win by 58lbs.

          Carp to 6lbs and bream to 2lbs added up to 76-15-0 at peg 30 for Paul Hemming [Monkhall] who caught on pellet at 5 metres and down the side. Matt Edgerton [Oakengates Angling Centre] had his third placed 56-11-0 from peg 16 and at peg 21, 49-8-0 gave fourth to Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent].


          Sunday saw another big winning margin as Gareth Emlyn [Oak Ang Cent] cruised to victory on the Larch Pool. Maggot down the edge and at 4 metres found carp in the 7lbs bracket at peg 4 to give Gareth full control of the match, and he finished with 104-11-0.

          Harry Colley added a second to his first placing the previous day when his pellet, corn and meat put 59-8-0 in the weigh tub at peg 16. Colin Reynolds also made a second visit to the prize table by weighing in 53-2-0 at peg 22, with Kel Emlyn [Oak Ang Cent] finishing things off with 50-3-0 at peg 14.