Wednesday, 12 July 2017


Boldings report    12-7-17.


          Phil Shaw [PI Bold] got the ball rolling at Boldings Pools with a Willows Pool win on Monday, when shallow pellet did the business at peg 5. Picking off carp to 7lbs on a regular basis saw Phil put together a level 137-0-0 for his win.

          Danny Jones [PI Bold] had carp to 7lbs and barbel to 4lbs on corn and pellet in the margins at peg 13 to edge second with 118-7-0. Less than a pound behind was Colin Reynolds [Bilston Ang Cent] on 117-9-0 at peg 19, and next to the winner, at peg 4, Steve Owen [Monkhall] completed the line up with 111-3-0.


The honours were shared between the Oak and Beech Pools on Wednesday when Matt Edgerton [Oakengates Ang Cent] top weighted from Oak peg 16. Pellet and maggot fished down the side put 86-1-0 of carp to 7lbs in the bag for Matt.

Tony Woolaston [Fatty's] went for a pellet and corn approach on the 8 metre line and in the margins at Beech peg 15, and had 76-2-0 of carp to 5lbs to fill the runner up spot. Third came from the Oak when Mick Jameson [Preston I Bold] weighed 66-1-0 at peg 13, and a level 63-0-0 gave Ralph Johnson [P I Bold] fourth at Beech 26.


          The Sycamore Pool provided Eric Bancroft [Rod & Gun] with a top spot on Thursday when carp and bream made up a top catch of 116-7-0. Corn and maggot down the sides had samples to 8lbs and 3lbs respectively dropping into the net to give the victory at peg 30.

          Over at peg 24 Dave Craggs [Maver] worked caster and maggot, shallow and in the side to bag 95-15-0 of carp to 7lbs. Up at the other end of the pool, at peg 47, 65-6-0 put Paul Evans [PI Bold] into third, just ahead of Les Willis [PI Bold]on 63-2-0 at peg 50.        


          Top weight of the week at Boldings went to Andy Kyte [Middle Severn Angling] whose Sunday best of 175-8-0 from Beech peg 20 left him well clear of the rest. Andy's catch consisted of carp to 9lbs, which fell to maggot fished in the edges of the peg.

          Shane Rogers [Oak Ang Cent] had the best of a trio of weights from the Willows, which filed the rest of the frame. Shane was on peg 19 and included some good barbel to 5lbs along with carp to 7lbs in a net of 109-5-0, which came to corn at 14 metres and maggot down the edge. Over on peg 8 Graham Roberts [PI Bold] just topped the 100lb mark with 100-1-0 to take third, leaving Bill Rathbone [PI Bold] to collect fourth for his 87-4-0 at peg 5.


Sorry about the past couple of weeks Ed, been in hospital.